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Lori's Favorites
Materials to Enrich your Yoga Practice

Deep Breakfast - Ray Lynch - my favorite for warm-ups
In My Time - Yianni - works well for entire yoga practice from warming-up to relaxation
Path - A compilation by Windham Hill of different artists - this is probably my personal favorite
Ocean Suites - Steven Halpern - ocean sounds with piano designed so that your breathing matches the rhythm of the music (very relaxing)
Paint the Sky with Stars - Enya - the only piece with vocals I’ve found that works for Yoga
Chakra Suite - Steven Halpern - music designed to balance the 7 Chakras
Music for Yoga - Steven Halpern - good all purpose
Arvo Part - Alina - deeply relaxing
Deep Peace - Todd Norian - one of the most relaxing pieces I know of
Bija - Todd Norian - great for relaxation combines soothing music with Mantras
Sleep Soundly - Steven Halpern - soothing music, reinforced with subliminal messages to help you fall asleep
Letting Go of Stress - Steven Halpern - Four guided techniques for relaxation and stress reduction

Kripalu Yoga Gentle - Carolyn Lundeen (Kripalu by mail)
Kripalu Yoga Dynamic - Stephen Cope (Kripalu by mail)

Kripalu Yoga - Richard Faulds (available at Jerroll’s Bookstore)
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga - Joan Budilovsky
Power Yoga - Beryl Bender Birch
Acu-Yoga - Michael Reed Gach
Bikrams’ Beginning Yoga Class - Bikram Choudry
The Breathing Book - Donna Farhi
The American Vegetarian Cookbook - Marilyn Diamond
The Kripalu Natural Foods Cookbook

Kripalu Mail Order 1-888-399-1332
Living Arts 1-800-254-8464
Yoga Zone 1-888-264-9642

Yoga Journal, P.O.Box 469018, Escondido, CA - My favorite of the Yoga magazines; it's a wealth of information

Yoga Journal (My favorite yoga website) - http://www.yogajournal.com

Yoga International - http://www.earthchannel.com/yogaintl/index.htm

YOYOGA with Joan (Including a forum for all your yoga questions) - http://www.yoyoga.com




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